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Follow our online driving lesson plans from start to finish and pass your test quicker too. Obviously, your first driving lesson is the cockpit drill. However, we guide you right through to making progress including undue hesitation. Moreover, use our lesson plans and you will pass your test in no-time. Driving Tester - obviously we care!

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Of course, Driving Tester only lists the cheapest and best driving schools in the UK. Obviously, cheapest doesn't necessarily mean the best. However, we have a Quality Control Policy which means that we only list the best driving schools. In other words, the diving lessons advertised here must be below the average for your area.

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Of course, for driving instructors to advertise their driving schools on the Driving Tester Network, they must be the best. In other words, their driving tuition must be not more than average for their area of operation. Also, they must have a high first-time pass rate. Should your driving school fit the bill, then advertise with us free of charge.

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These pages are obviously, information pages that are necessary for the Driving Tester website to function correctly. For example there is our Privacy Policy and an About Us page. Of course we have a terms and conditions page as well as a Contact Us page too. So, if you need more information about Driving Tester Network, click the link.
To begin with, Driving Tester is all about helping all pupils pass their driving test in the shortest possible time. As a matter of fact, we cover all aspects of the driving test. We cover the theory test, hazard perception, show me - tell me and of course, the practical driving test itself. Furthermore, all our information is up to date and simple to understand. For instance, the theory test question bank is comprehensive and covers all the likely questions. Coupled with our free hazard perception tests, pupils should sail through all their tests with ease. Likewise, the show me, tell me section has all possible questions and answers. Obviously, our fully comprehensive driving lesson plans will help in many ways. Indeed, pupils can use them prior to their driving lessons or use them as a recap after their last one. In other words, Driving Tester covers the lot!
In reality, you will need the help of a good driving instructor to help you pass your practical driving test. However, with the help of our driving tuition tutorials, you will gain a better understanding of the driving test. So, from the theory and hazard perception tests through to the practical test, Driving Tester has it all. To sum up, use our website often in conjunction with your driving lessons for a better understanding. All in all, you will fly through your driving test with ease using the information we have on offer. Use Driving Tester together with a decent driving school and you will pass your driving test no bother. Finally, consider joining our massive Driving Schools Forum. In fact, the best driving instructors can advertise their driving schools there too. Indeed, pupils can also advertise their needs there, just in case a suitable instructor can help out.