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About The Highway Code

To begin with, The Highway Code has a set of guidelines to help keep our roads safer. For instance, if all road users adhere to the rules of the road, we would all be a lot safer. For that reason, please read the Highway Code and understand its content. In addition to the code of conduct that we should all follow, there are legal implications. Moreover, the book highlights the legal side of thinks. The booklet also has many illustrations with many of the more common road signs at the back too.

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Download a copy of The Highway Code free of charge

To begin with, you can either read the Highway Code here or download a copy free of charge. In short, click one of the links above. Obviously, we reprint this document with kind permission from the Open Government Licence. On the whole, it is best to have your own copy in booklet form. However, our copy is fine, but all recent changes to it are on the official DVSA website.

Pupils may also like to read or download another useful book – Know Your Traffic Signs. Obviously, this booklet does exactly what it says on the tin!

To sum up

All in all, The Highway Code should is something that all drivers and other road users must adhere to. Indeed, without these guidelines, our roads would be chaotic. Of course, that would make it a dangerous place out there. However, most rules of the road are common sense and easily understood. In fact, the Highway Code is not just for drivers. It is for anyone who needs to use our roads for whatever reason and this obviously includes pedestrians. After all, pedestrians need to use crossing points.

Finally, if there are any issues you need to discuss from the Highway Code, you may leave a comment below. We also have a Driving Test Forum where you can ask any question you like.
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The forum also has many categories. Moreover, it is a public forum for all and easy to sign up. Here, at Driving Tester, we have a complete on-line classroom to help the learner driver get through the test. Of course, you may interact with us until you finally have a full driving licence in your hand.

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