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Find A Driving School

Pupils: obviously, use the search engine above to find the best local driving school. All our advertisers promise to offer good quality driving instruction cheaper than the rest. As a result, the schools you find at Driving Tester will ensure that you pass the test quicker and cheaper.

Instructors: please register then add your driving school to the directory. Of course, you need to read and acknowledge our Quality Control Policy first. Our aim is obviously to ensure that pupils get the best deal possible. With this in mind, join us if your prices are below average for the area you operate in. Also, don’t forget to add another advert in the Regional Listings. However, please ensure that you word it slightly differently to the Driving Schools Directory to avoid duplicate posting. This, of course, can penalise your driving school!

Driving Tester Forum

Finally, please make use of the Driving Tester Forum too. In effect, its where both pupils and instructors can interact. Pupils may ask questions of course while instructors can help out where possible. In fact, pop over and chill out – everyone is welcome.

Find a Driving School - cheapest in the UK - because pupils need the best

Of course, pupils are looking for the best driving tuition. With this in mind, the Driving Tester will ensure this.

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