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About Us

Driving Tester Forum - About Us

Firstly, this is the Driving Tester Forum. Obviously, we are a forum to compliment the Driving Tester Blog. Whereas the Driving Tester Blog is a static website that teaches people how to drive, this forum is dynamic. In other words the Driving Tester Blog hardly changes apart from slight adjustments. This might happen when there are changes to the Driving Test for example. However, we are constantly adding many other informative posts there too.

The dynamics of this Driving Tester Forum mean that the content is always ongoing. For example, members can post driving news articles as and when they happen. However, do not copy and paste too much, just a small snippet will do. Obviously, members may post as many items as they want with whatever content they want too.

While, we are mainly about the learner driver, we welcome all drivers with more experience too. This is because we are all learning. Obviously, learner drivers can ask questions about all aspects of driving, including the driving test. Then or course, experienced drivers can help by giving their input.

The team behind Driving Tester are obviously drivers with much experience. Indeed, we have ex-driving instructors too. However, we encourage input by the members before our input. In other words, we encourage all users to have their say first.

Anyone Can Join The Driving Tester Forum

Since we are a forum where anyone can join, we include many categories to involve all. Obviously, we have the Driving Tuition Forums. Obviously, this is for learner drivers to ask questions etc. Then we have the Driving Test Forums for the more experienced learner drivers getting ready for the test.

We also have a general lounge for all road users of any experience. Finally, to cater for those with time on their hands, we have the Off Topic forums. Obviously, even if there are non-road users wanting to chat, they can do so here.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your time here at the Driving Tester Forum. Also, we hope you come back and post regularly. For example, you may ask questions or post any appropriate news articles. Indeed, there is always something happening and you can make the forum more dynamic by having your say.