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Free tests to help you pass the Theory Test - free hazard perception tests

Indeed, this information refers to our free tests online.

The Driving Tester network offers all its services for free of course. With this in mind, we have many free tests to help you gain a driving licence quicker. In fact, by working through our free online tests, you will pass your driving test quicker.

Free Tests

Theory Test Papers

To begin with, we have 8 blocks of Free Theory Test Papers available. Each test has 50 multiple choice questions which are all relevant to the real test you will eventually take. Of course, there is a time too which is the same length as that at the test centres. In fact, you get 57 minutes to complete the 50 questions. But remember you only need to get 43 correct to pass this part.

Please be aware that on occasions, you will come across questions that might seem repetitive. These are deliberate but all are slightly different so that you become familiar to the format. Indeed, most are common sense. Some you may not have come across before but an educated guess will be enough. So, work through the lot until you become familiar with them. Moreover, by doing this, you will sail through the Theory Test.

Free Hazard Perception Tests

To help you pass the Hazard Perception part of your Theory Test, obviously we have some free Hazard Perception Videos. In fact, we have 16 of these available. Again, all are different but are of the same format. Each video has one main hazard which you must identify in order to gain points. The sooner you identify this hazard, the more points you will get of course.

The points scale go from five down to one. Therefore, by identifying the hazard early you will gain five points. Should you identify the hazard late you may get only one point or none at all. All you do is click the mouse button when you see the hazard just as it develops. However, do not over click as this will result in zero points. Basically it is an anti-cheat thing!

Free Online Driving School

Obviously we supply all the above free tests to help with the first part of the Driving Test. This, of course, is supplementary to our Free Online Driving Instruction. Indeed, we have all the driving lesson plans online which are all free as well. In fact, by following our driving lesson tutorials, you will get a better understanding of how to drive.

Cheapest Driving Schools

So, we have most things you will ever need to help you pass your driving test. However, what we can’t supply is practical side of things. But don’t worry, we can help with that too. In fact, we go one further. This is because we have a free Driving Schools Directory. In order for a driving school to advertise anywhere on the Driving Tester Network, they need to offer cheaper lessons. Therefore, when you see a driving school advertise here, you know they are offering cheaper driving lessons.


Should you have any questions about driving, then we have the Driving Test Forum to ask them in. In fact, you may even advertise your need and see if a driving instructor will help you. For instance, you may need a certain car or may be short of money. In this case, use the forum and see what happens. As a matter of fact, use the Driving Test Forum for just about anything if it helps you!

Free tests online - free theory tests - free hazard perception tests - free driving instruction.

Obviously, passing the driving test can help to give you more freedom!

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