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Indeed, this is the Hazard Perception Tests page

Firstly, we must point out that doing an online HP test will never be better than owning the DVD. Because of this, you should get hold of your own copy so that you can use it over and over. Afterwards, you can always sell it on. Likewise, you can buy them second-hand at places such as ebay.

How To Pass The Hazard Perception Tests

In reality, you click your way to success. On the other hand, should you click too much, you will fail the test. Nevertheless, all you need to do is click the mouse when you see a developing hazard. There is obviously a grading system built in. So, the sooner you click the mouse after you see the potential danger, the more points you will gain.  In other words, identify the developing hazard and click the mouse immediately and do not click without reason. In short, a hazard is something that will cause the driver to unexpectedly change speed, direction or stop.

To clarify things, 14 one minute video clips come one after the other on their computer system. Each of those clips will show one developing hazards but one clip will show two. Obviously a lot of concentration is necessary. However,  by using our free hazard perception tests often enough, you will get an idea of how things work. Then, over time, you should become more confident and sail through the test.

Learn How To Predict!

In brief, by identifying the developing hazard early enough you can act sooner. Obviously, this keeps you and other road users a lot safer. As a result, your journey will be smoother and less stressful. Above all, by looking for potential hazards, you are on your way to safer driving for life. However, accidents do happen and you can’t predict when a child will run out between parked cars for example.

While you are studying for the hazard perception test, you will begin to understand that other road users can be unpredictable. Therefore, your aim is to become a safer driver through predicting what others might do. Then you can go a long way to not only protect yourself, but to protect others too.

Hazard Perception Tests for free - car entering main road from side road danger

Will the car pull out?

In short, the HP part of the theory test gets easier with practise. To start with, your score may be low because you may be unsure what is a developing hazard. However, over time, you start to see things develop a little sooner. With this in mind, you are looking for anything that could pose a problem to you while driving. Because you are driving at speed, it is down to you to control the vehicle. In the wrong hands, and with an irresponsible driver, a vehicle driving at speed becomes nothing more than a ballistic missile!

Responsible Driver

The Highway Code is indeed a set of guidelines for all road users. Understanding that, together with the training you get from a good driving instructor will help you become a responsible driver. Obviously, it becomes clear that the tests you take to gain a driving licence are there to make sure that you become a competent driver. These video tests are only a small part of the driving test, therefore, spend some time at Driving Tester to get familiar to the format.

Gain more points on the Hazard Perception tests - click as soon as you see the developing hazard - part of the theory test

Marking system for the tests

Finally, if you need to see an introduction to the hazard perception tests, go here. Also, you can now use the Driving Test Forum to ask any question you wish about any aspect of driving.

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