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Indeed, we have many free theory tests here at Driving Tester

The Theory Test Explained

In the UK, you have to pass a theory test before you can apply for the Practical Driving Test. As well as the Hazard Perception Test, the theory test has a separate Questions and Answers part. Once you pass the theory, you have two years to pass the Practical Driving Test. In the meantime though, you can still apply for a provisional licence at any time and learn how to drive. In short, take one of our free theory tests below.

The Official DVSA Guide To The Theory Test

The Theory Test comes before the Hazard Perception Test. Likewise, you use the same computer and are given 50 questions with multiple choice answers. At this point, all you need to do, is click on the appropriate answer. However, you will need to get 43 correct answers to pass and you have 57 minutes in which to complete the test.

Theory Tests are taken at an official DVSA centre - exam booths shown

DVSA Test Centre

Try Our Free Mock Theory Tests

Overall, our mock tests are similar to the types of questions you should expect on your official test. We have also worded all our questions and possible answers in clear English. To clarify, we have eight sets of theory tests and each set has 50 questions. Each question has four possible answers, so all you need to do is mark the one you think is correct. Obviously, your test results will be shows at the top of the screen.

Also, just like the real test, you will have 57 minutes to complete ours. Likewise, the countdown timer is in seconds at the bottom right of the screen.

Download Our Handy Mock Theory Test Papers

At this point, you can download our free pdf’s containing an example of the theory questions and answers. Thus, you are able to print them off quite easily. In short, the 50 questions have 4 possible answers and you need to choose the correct one. Moreover,  after you complete the test you are able to mark them using our official answers paper.

Download Theory Test Questions 01or take the test online here.

Download The Theory Test Questions - Paper 01

Download Theory Test Answers 01view the answers online here.

Download The Theory Test Answers - Paper 01

Free Online Hazard Perception Tests

Finally, try our free mock Hazard Perception Tests. In addition to having 16 video clips similar to the actual test, you are able to compare your score at the end. For that reason, we recommend you to bookmark the page as you can call back to practice as long as you need.

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