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To begin with, the Driving Tester Network allows learner drivers find the best local driving schools available. This is because we have a Quality Control Policy which provides us with the best driving schools. In fact, for a driving school to advertise with us, they need to provide cheaper driving lessons. Firstly, we have the Driving Schools Directory. Then we have this section which shows the regions of the UK.

If you can’t find a suitable driving school in our Driving School Directory, click on one of the regions below. This is because sometimes search engines can act a little strange. Driving Instructors can also list in the Regional section here.

Obviously, we have divided the UK into 12 regions. In essence, you will be able to navigate a lot better this way. By the same token, we shall break up the regions into the individual cities and towns. As a result, you will find the best local driving schools close to you much easier. In short, just click the link most appropriate to your area. However, for best results, we recommend using the Driving Schools UK Directory afterwards.

Driving School Directory

The Regions of the UK

Regions in the UK - find the cheapest local driving schools

Find cheaper driving lessons in your area!

Find Local Driving Schools

Generally speaking, for driving schools to have a listing in our Driving Schools Directory, they must offer cheaper driving instruction. In other words, their rates must not be higher than the average cost of other lessons in their area. Obviously price is important, but we also insist that driving schools must have a good first time pass rate too. Also, we insist that driving lessons from a trainee driving instructor come with a further discount. Indeed, this is our policy***. With this in mind, we are confident that you will find cheaper driving lessons from the schools we list.

Free Online Tuition

In order to drive a car, you need good quality driving tuition. Obviously, our Quality Control Policy means that you should find this from the driving schools we list here. Indeed, we have faith in our system as it allow pupils get the best deal possible. This is because the staff here at the Driving Tester Network are all ex-driving instructors and know the ropes. Moreover, we have our extensive knowledge base online right now to help supplement your driving tuition.

Obviously, we have all the Driving Lesson Plans that you need to help you pass the practical driving test. Of course, all the driving lessons are concise and in clear English. Therefore, by following our free driving lesson plans from start to finish, you can pass your driving test much quicker. In brief, use Driving Tester before and after you have had a practical driving lesson to refresh your memory.

Not only do we have the free driving lesson plans, but we have free Theory Tests too. In fact, we also have free online Hazard Perception Tests too. Then there are the Free Downloads such as a free Highway Code booklet. From the minute you decide that you want to drive until you pass your test, we are here for you. Of course, everything we have on offer for the pupil is free of charge and always will be.

Join The Forums

Generally speaking, your driving instructor should guide you through the lesson plans and answer all your concerns. Indeed, our free online driving school will help you even further. However, there are times when you may not quite understand certain things. Therefore, we invite you now to our Driving School Forum.

Obviously, on the forums we focus on driving schools, the driving test, pupils and driving instructors etc. Indeed, you can use the driving schools forums to ask questions about anything to do with learning to drive

Obviously, we are here to help learner drivers get the cheapest and best driving tuition available. With this in mind, our Driving Schools Forum will help connect pupils with the best driving instructors. For example, pupils can advertise their requirements and expectations. Obviously, if a local driving instructor can meet your needs, they can respond to you.

Likewise, driving instructors are able to promote their own driving schools. Of course, only those who meet our Quality Control Guidelines can do this. But, some driving instructors may wish to advertise special services too. So, join in with our driving forums today. Then connect with driving instructors or other pupils who may offer their help.

To Sum Up

As previously noted, we help pupils find the cheapest and best possible driving instruction available. Obviously, our quality control system only allows the best driving schools to advertise. Together with our free driving lesson plans, tests and forums, we are here for you from start to finish.

Please also bookmark our Home Page and call back often as we have something for everyone. Indeed this concludes our Local Driving Schools page. So, we hope you have found a great deal.

*** Driving instructors who wish to advertise free on the Driving Tester Network should adhere to our Quality Control Policy. Obviously, those who do, guarantee the best possible driving tuition available.

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