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In effect, this is the Driving Tester site info page

Site Info

In short, the list below shows the information pages that make Driving Tester tick. Obviously, they can be accesses by using the tabs above. However, since you are here, just click the appropriate link.

About Us – indeed, this page explains who we are and what we are about.
Contact Page – of course please allow a little time for a reply.
Home Page – obviously bookmark this for future reference and don’t forget to call back.
Links Page – all driving related websites, so add yours!
Privacy Policy – indeed, this is a must read as it explains our promises to you.

Easy Navigation

Obviously, Driving Tester’s design is such that navigation is easy. This is deliberate because from the beginning, our aim was to design a massive website. Of course with such a large website, we have to ensure our visitors can find what they are looking for. So, just like the rest of the free online driving school, our website design had to be simple to understand.

Finally, if you think we can improve our website in any way, let us know. However, should you have difficulty contacting us, try the Driving Tester Forum.

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