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Indeed, this is the about us page

To begin with, this page sets out to explain a little about us here at Driving Tester. Obviously, the staff behind our website are all driving instructors including those who have chosen to retire. In short, we have put together all our vast experience from our individual driving schools. Indeed, we have wrote all the lesson plans in clear English. Thus, the creation this massive online driving school was a natural progression.

About Us

Obviously, we have all vast experience in the driving school industry. Furthermore, we are always discussing ways of how to improve the website. Also, if we find a better way of explaining things, we always update the website immediately. Therefore, the information we publish is always current. Of course, should you find something that you think is not correct, tell us. Likewise, if you find that something is missing or want us to add something, let us know.

Free Online Driving School

In order to get a full driving license, learner drivers must pass the driving test. In brief, the driving test has two components to it. Firstly, there is the Theory Test. This of course includes questions and answers section together with the hazard perception part. Once you pass the theory test, you have two years to pass your Practical Driving Test.

Driving Tester is indeed here to help all learner drivers to pass their tests much quicker. For instance, we have many questions and answer test questions with a real-time clock. Obviously, form this you can see your results at the end of the test. Then we have many free hazard perception videos to practise with. So, through plenty of practice, these tests will give you the confidence to apply for the theory test.

The individual driving lessons we have online are also free. Obviously, we work through the curriculum in a methodical fashion and you can learn at your own pace. However, there is no substitute for a one to one with a driving instructor. Indeed, driving school cars will always have dual-controls. Therefore, you can practice driving knowing that the instructor will not let you get into difficulties. Be that as it may, your driving lessons will be similar to what we have here. So, this means you can practise online after and before your driving lessons.

Find The Cheapest Driving School

As well as providing a free online driving school, we also help you find the cheapest driving school too. Indeed, Driving Tester helps keep your costs down to enable you to pass your driving test cheaper.

We have a Quality Control Policy in place of course. Basically, if a driving school wishes to advertise here, their prices must not be higher that the average for the area they operate in. Also, their first time pass rate must be above average too. Obviously, this ensures that only the best driving schools go into our Driving Schools Directory. So, choose the best driving schools in confidence.

  • Pupils can search our driving schools directory knowing that those advertisers offer lower cost lessons.
  • Only the best and cheapest schools are here ensuring a good deal for learner drivers.
  • Driving Instructors are proud to be able to advertise here knowing they are the best around.

Driving Test Forum Available

Obviously you may want to ask questions about the driving test, lessons or theory test. With this in mind, we have a large Driving Test Forum that anyone can join. Indeed, if you have any questions about driving whatsoever, post them in the forum. Of course, we encourage people to post regularly. In fact, to reinforce this, we have a ranking system that revolves around your post count. So, register today and have your say!

Moreover, the best and cheapest local driving schools in the UK can advertise too! But, that’s not all. Pupils can also post their requirements in the Forum too. Obviously, we attract the best driving schools so, sit back and wait for a reply. Finally, enjoy your stay here at Driving Tester, you are welcome back anytime.

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