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In general, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply after submitting the above form. This is because the staff here are are very busy. So, please be patient, as we will get back to you. However, we don’t reply to spam or anything else that is not relevant to our website. Also, we do not give personal, one to one tuition or advice.

However, if you wish, join the Driving Tester Forum where you will get a quicker response. Also, you will get the attention of fully qualified driving instructors too. Therefore, click on the link or the Forum tab at the top of this page and join today.

Obviously, tell us if you find any broken links etc. Indeed, contact us if you want us to add some useful information too. Since we are always looking to improve things, your input is most welcome. So, please feel free to use the form above.

Driving School Online

While we have the free online driving school here, we now invite you to search for the best driving school. Indeed our Driving Schools Directory will allow you to find a local driving school near you of course. Obviously, we only allow those driving schools that have low cost driving lessons to advertise. In short, Driving Tester is available to you 24/7 for all your driving test needs!

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