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Driving Tester also includes a links back section

Links Page

In short, all car or motoring related links are here. If you also have a website that you want to advertise, you can do that here. Obviously, if you just want a link back, then please contact us using the tab above. However, to have a link posted in this section, you must also have a link back to this site. In general, clickable logos are better but if you just want a simple link back then that is fine. As well as link backs, we will allow commercial adverts, see below for details.

DVSA – Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency – book your driving tests too!
Brake – The Road Safety Charity.

The Driving Test Forum – obviously, a chat rooms for learner drivers.

To Sum Up

Driving Tester has included this link back page to allow other web masters to show off their website too. In general, your website must not sell anything and be about driving tuition, cars or other aspects of motoring. However, you can advertise your website here if you are selling items suitable for a learner driver. In this case, contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Since our Driving Tester website is all about learning to drive, we only accept driving related websites here. A reciprocal link back is also necessary. Obviously, Driving Tester will always check the links back on your website. However, we will not discriminate. So, let us know how you want the linking to be like and we can sort something out. In effect, by linking to us and allowing a link back, your website will benefit from increased traffic. Moreover, there are indeed plenty of other advantages too!

Driving Tester - Links Page

Driving Tester also has a links back page!

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