Quality Control Policy

Quality Control Policy ensures the cheapest driving tuition in the UK

Indeed, our Quality Control Policy ensure a good deal for learner drivers.

To begin with, the Driving Tester Network exists to help learner drivers pass their test quickly and cheaply. This is obviously what potential pupils want. With this in mind, Driving Tester has a Quality Control Policy to ensure we do our bit. We also reach out to the best driving instructors to play their part too.

Of course, learning to drive a car can be quite expensive. Firstly, there are the driving lessons and the subsequent test fees. However, there are other costs too. For example, many driving instructors recommend various books and videos to their pupils. Some driving instructors are also recommending their pupils pay for online services!

The Driving Tester Network staff and members obviously understand that costs can spiral upwards at an alarming rate. With this in mind, our quality control policy promises to help keep driving costs down. It also ensures that we only offer advertising space to the best driving instructors. This is because all driving instructors who advertise here are members of the Driving Tester website. Indeed, the following quality control policy applies to all members.

Quality Control Policy

01) All our online driving lessons are free and any advice here which comes from our members must also be free.

02) Driving instructors who become members of the Driving Tester Network must also act in honour at all times. This applies to both on-line and off-line activities.

03) Only driving instructors that have a good first-time pass rate can indeed join the Driving Instructors’ Club.

04) All members of the Driving Instructors’ Club must offer lessons NO HIGHER than the average prices for their area.

05) Members of the Driving Instructors’ Club must treat all pupils due care and respect of course.

06) We also reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone who doesn’t adhere to our strict quality control policy. However, we will try our best to sort out any problems first.

The Best And Cheapest Driving Lessons For Learner Drivers

As we can see above, our quality control policy obviously ensures that pupils get the best tuition possible. In other words, learner drivers who use the Driving Tester Network do so with confidence. Moreover, pupils can expect to get their knowledge at Driving Tester for free. Of course, by using the driving schools that advertise here, pupil get the best driving tuition available. So, together with our quality control policy, learner drivers have confidence at the Driving Tester Network.

Generally speaking, Driving Tester is a non-profit making concern. Of course, most unscrupulous websites pack in a lot of adverts without thinking about their visitors. However, the Driving Tester Network is different. Our aim is quite clear and that is to help keep costs down for learner drivers.

To Sum Up

Learner drivers who use the Driving Tester Network do so with the knowledge that we are here to help. Together with our quality control policy, Free Online Driving Tuition and Forums, we help keep costs down for pupils. Of course, driving instructors can join the Driving Instructors’ Club if they adhere to our policy above. So, for smarter driving tuition, join Driving Tester!

Quality Control Policy - Driving Tester - the best instruction

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