Theory Test Questions Paper 01

Free Theory Test Questions Paper 01

Firstly, may we interest you in our free on-line theory and hazard perception tests. Indeed, we have 8 separate theory tests and 16 hazard perception tests. However, you may wish to download a theory test paper for use at a later date. So, here is our free theory test questions paper 01. Obviously, we have an answer paper and you can download that here.

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Download The Theory Test Questions - Paper 01

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In short, you can download our free theory test questions paper 01 by clicking the link above. Moreover, learner drivers can use this in their free time. Pupils can complete the test on a bus to work or school for example. Furthermore, driving schools or colleges can download the theory questions and answers pages to give to their pupils.

Indeed, there are 50 questions just like the real theory test. Also, just like the real test, they are multiple choice questions. So, all pupils need to do is tick the correct answer. Of course, by using the answer paper, pupils can check how many question they got correct. In short, pupils need to get 43 correct out of the 50 questions.

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While we have the free theory and hazard perception tests available we have much more too. In fact, Driving Tester is a complete online driving school. Moreover, we have all the individual driving lessons available in the form of tutorials. This of course allows you to learn how to drive in your spare time.

Obviously, you can recap your last driving lesson here as we all teach the subjects in a similar fashion. Also, you can brush up before you do your next lesson if you really want to impress your driving instructor. Finally, please enjoy your stay at Driving Tester, bookmark us and call back often. Indeed, why not join in at the massive Driving Schools Forum here at Driving Tester.

Theory Test Questions Paper 01 - take a free online Theory Test - also Free Hazard Perception Test

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