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Indeed, this is the Driving Tester Tutorials information page

Introduction To Our Driving Tutorials

To begin with, our driving tutorials are the work of our staff here at Driving Tester. Just to point out that we are all driving instructors or ex-ADI’s. Indeed, we have put all our experience online by the way of driving lesson tutorials. Obviously, we ensure all our driving manuals are in clear English. Therefore you should be able to understand each lesson easily.

Find A Driving Instructor

Once you have made a decision to learn how to drive, you will need good quality tuition. Obviously, by using an good driving school with a decent driving instructor, you will pass your driving test with ease. This is because qualified driving instructors have all the necessary experience to get you through the practical driving test. Moreover, they will have dual controls in the training car so you can’t get into any difficulty on the road.

At this point, if you need to look for a local driving school, find one in our Driving Schools Directory. To clarify things, this is the Driving Schools In The UK Directory. Driving Tester wants to help pupils get the very best tuition, therefore we have a Quality Control Policy in place. As a result, pupils should find the best AND cheapest local driving schools.

Free Online Driving Lessons

In order to drive on the road by yourself, you need a driving licence. Indeed, to get a driving licence, you need to pass a few tests. Firstly, you need to pass the Theory Test which includes the Hazard Perception Test. Then you take the Practical Driving Test. However, you can learn how to drive a car without passing the theory. Obviously, you can take our free online Theory Tests here. Moreover, we have 16 mock Hazard Perception Tests here too.

As well as the free theory tests that we offer, we also have free driving lessons online. Indeed, each one of our driving tutorials are similar to what you will get at your driving school. So, you may practice with our lesson plans before taking lessons at your school. Also, you can get a reminder of the lesson you have just had by looking them up here. Therefore, use our free online driving lessons and help yourself get through the driving test much quicker.

So, let us take a look at the individual driving lesson plans available. Obviously, you can access the following lessons via the ‘Tutorials’ tab above.

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