Additional Driving Tips

Additional Driving Tutorials - How To Pass The Practical Test Quicker

Additional driving tutorials to also help pass the driving test quicker

These additional driving tutorials supplement the main Driving Lessons which we cover in detail. Similarly, we explain all other aspects of driving here. In brief, follow the detailed driving lessons and gain more understanding about the practical driving test. Indeed, these driving test tips will help you while having a driving lesson with your instructor.

Additional Driving Tutorials

Additional driving tutorials - car instrument panel - tachometer
Car Instrument Panel

All dials and gauges on the car instrument panel explained such as the speedometer and the rev counter.

Additional driving tutorials - red low oil warning lamp - car instrument panel
Dashboard Warning Lights

In addition to the dials and gauges above there are also warning lights on the dashboard. Of course we explain these in full.

Additional driving tutorials - steering wheel - correct hand position
Steering Wheel

The correct way to operate the steering wheel is in this tutorial together with the correct position for your hands.

Additional driving tutorials - dry steering and preventing excess wear
Dry Steering

How to prevent dry steering – avoid excess wear and tear on your tyres therefore saving you money.

Additional driving tutorials - moving off at an angle
Moving Off At An Angle

We also explain in full how to move off at an angle. This, of course, will enable you to manoeuvre in many tight situations too.

Additional driving tutorials - tyres and tarmac - stopping behind other vehicles
Stopping Behind Other Vehicles (Tyres & Tarmac)

Queuing in traffic made easy with this detailed tutorial, in brief, we introduce you to the Tyres And Tarmac routine. 

Additional driving tutorials - lane discipline
Lane Discipline

In addition to your normal driving position we show the importance of maintaining lane discipline on dual carriageways etc.

Additional driving tutorials - stopping distances and the two second rule
Stopping Distances

We introduce the two second rule as well as all the other stopping distances in this detailed tutorial.

Additional driving tutorials - Anticipation Using Forward Planning
Anticipation Using Forward Planning

Planning ahead is indeed one of the most important elements of driving. So, sharpen up your anticipation skills to predict what might happen on the road.

Additional driving tutorials - clutch control explained in-depth
Clutch Control

In addition to finding the biting point, you also need to understand what coasting is. We explain that and in addition, how to prevent riding the clutch etc.

Additional driving tutorials - level crossings
Level Crossings

There are also a few types of level crossings which we cover in this tutorial.  For instance, there are automatic barriers and user controlled crossings.

Additional driving tutorials - one-way streets and one-way systems explained
One-Way Streets

You need to understand one-way systems which will also be part of the practical driving test where they are available.

Additional driving tutorials - using indicators - signalling in the car
Using Indicators

You also need to inform other road users that you intend to change direction. For that reason, we have included a tutorial on signalling.

Your Driving Test

These additional driving tutorials will indeed strengthen your knowledge on other driving lessons you have had. They will also go over areas that you may have forgotten about. For example, your driving instructor may have taught you about Tyres And Tarmac which has since slipped your mind. As a result, you may queue up to close to the car in front when doing Private Practice at home.

Fully qualified driving instructors (ADI’s) write all our tutorials and as a result, offer sound advice to the new driver. However, many experienced drivers will also benefit from the advice. Furthermore, we include many other driving tips such as how to maintain your car. There are many other money saving tips included, such as Eco-Safe Driving.

Of course, if there is a tutorial you would like adding to this page, then please contact us. We will get to work on that for you immediately and let you know when it is ready for you. Also, you can now post any question you wish about driving on the Driving Tester Forum.


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