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Driving lessons - a complete guide to pass your driving test

Driving lessons – the road to freedom

Most people who visit this page will do so after deciding they would like to drive a car. So, most of this section is about how to get a full driving licence to drive independently. Before you start to drive on public roads to take driving lessons, you need to get a Provisional Licence. However, on private land you do not need a licence to drive. For instance, you can learn the Cockpit Drill, Clutch Control and Moving Off and Stopping on private land. Obviously, you gain real experience on public roads.

At this point, we list a complete set of driving lesson tutorials that you can work through. As you can see, driving lessons start at the beginning and work through to the end, rather like a syllabus. Your driving lessons will always be varied so you will learn as and when required.

The Lesson Plans

Driving lessons - the cockpit drill - adjusting the mirrors
Driving Lesson 01 (a) – The Cockpit Drill

Indeed, the very first lesson you have is the Cockpit Drill. Obviously, as well as making yourself comfortable in the car, you need to reach all the controls.

Driving lessons - the controls - hand controls and foot controls - steering wheel
Driving Lesson 01 (A) – The Controls Lesson

Now that you are comfortable in the car, you need to know where to find all the controls. Also, what they do and how to use them.

Driving Lessons - moving off and stopping - starting the engine
Driving Lesson 02 – Moving Off And Stopping

In this tutorial you will prepare, then start the car. You will also drive down the road for a short while and pull over on the left.

Driving lessons - how to turn right or left into a new road
Driving Lesson 03 – Turning Right Or Left

In effect, we teach you how to turn right or left into a new road using reference points. Obviously, remember to check your mirrors before and after the turn.

Driving Lessons - emerging at a T-Junction - driving schools uk
Driving Lesson 04 – Emerging From T-Junctions

Following on from turning left and right at junctions, we have a full tutorial on emerging from T-Junctions. Thus, we reinforce the MSPSL.

Driving lessons - how to negotiate crossroads correctly
Driving Lesson 05 – Crossroads

This tutorial explains the various crossroad junctions and you will also learn who has priority in all the possible situations.

Driving lessons - meeting other traffic - driving schools uk
Driving Lesson 06 – Meeting Other Traffic

In addition to potential ‘meeting’ situations, we explain how to deal with other traffic. In short, you are competing for the same piece of road.

Driving lessons- how to deal with roundabouts - driving tests made easy
Driving Lesson 07 – Roundabouts

In short, this lesson shows how to correctly approach and negotiate roundabouts. In particular, how to turn left, right or go straight ahead – a full tutorial.

Driving lessons - predestrian crossings - pelican crossing - driving test made easy
Driving Lesson 08 – Pedestrian Crossings

Obviously, we cover the various pedestrian crossings. Also, we cover traffic lights with an explanation on how to deal with them.

Driving Lessons - making progress means getting from a to be as quick as conditions allow
Driving Lesson 09 – Making Progress

How to make progress when conditions allow and complete your journey in less time with good anticipation and planning.

Driving Lessons - overtaking made easy - driving test tutorials

Driving Lesson 10 – Overtaking

Use this plan in conjunction with your driving lessons. We obviously explain the overtaking procedure here in this free tutorial.

Driving Lessons - dual carriageways explained including slip roads
Driving Lesson 11 – Dual Carriageways

In brief, this section shows how to drive on Dual Carriageways and deal with the slip roads. Also, we show how to join them and overtake in this tutorial.

Driving lessons - hill starts - both uphil and downhill tutorials
Driving Lesson 12 – Hill Starts

In this tutorial we cover uphill and obviously downhill starts. On your driving test you will do a hill start if possible so sharpen up your skills.

Driving lessons - country roads - bends in the road - signs - animals
Driving Lesson 13 – Country Roads

Country roads driving is enjoyable but can be challenging so here is a full guide which explains those challenges.

Driving lessons - turn in the road - driving test manoeuvre
Driving Lesson 14 – The Manoeuvres

Obviously, we cover a turn in the road, all other reversing routines and also the Emergency Stop. Indeed, we have full tutorials on all the manoeuvres.

Driving Lessons - Eco-driving - save petrol and diesel by going green - gentle driving
Driving Lesson 15 – Eco-Safe Driving

Here we have a full tutorial on Eco-Driving – drive green, and as a result, save fuel. Eco-safe driving is also part of the driving test.

Summing Up

All in all, by following the above tutorials, you will learn how to drive a car from start to finish. Use these lessons in addition to the instructions you get from your driving instructor. They will reinforce your driving lessons and help you remember things much better also. However, this section has only covered the main driving lessons. In addition to these lessons, we have full tutorials on many other subjects you will need along the way. For instance, we give a detailed explanation on Clutch Control and Level Crossings etc.

Finally, driving schools are there to help you pass the driving test – use them!

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