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Driving Test Videos: Pass your test easier with good quality instructions - Driving Tester

Driving Test Videos – helping pupils pass quicker too

It is most important that you receive good quality driving instruction. However, after your driving lesson, it is easy to forget the whole content of that particular lesson. In short, we have the lesson plans here in video form. So, you are able brush up the driving lessons you have had with a relaxing video.

Driving Test Videos

Cockpit Drill/Controls Lesson

Moving Off and Stopping

Turning Left/Right

Pedestrian Crossings

Hand Signals


Reverse Left/Right

Turn In The Road

Bay Parking

Parallel Parking

Emergency Stop

Mock Driving Test

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In short, our driving instruction videos cover the main subjects. Because this page is running many videos, please understand that this page may be slower to load. However, this applies to any website that offers many videos in one place. But, allow the page to load, and you have all the driving test videos you need. They also include a video of the mock driving test. Thus, bookmark this page and call back when you need to.

Also, remember to change your driving instructor at any time should you feel that you are not making progress. On the other hand, please remember that most people will come to a stage where they feel as if they are not learning as quick as they should. Generally speaking, this has the name of ‘learning plateau’. For that reason, if you have confidence in your driving instructor, you would be better to stay put. This is especially true if you have previously made good progress in the early days.

As well as good quality driving tuition with a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI), you can gain more experience privately. We also refer to this as ‘private practice’ and you get this from a friend or family member. Although, bear in mind, they can’t take payment for this.

Find A Local Driving School

We also have a Driving Schools Directory to help pupils find the best driving schools. This is because we only allow driving schools to advertise if their prices are not above average for their area. Also, driving instructors must have a good first-time pass rate. So, should you need to find a new driving school pop over and see what deals you can find.

Join The Forum Also

Obviously, if you like a good chat, please consider joining the Driving Tester Forum. There are indeed chat rooms on all motoring subjects. Likewise, you can easily post videos there too. Above all, there are categories for everyone including off-topic articles. So, basically you can talk about anything you want. In fact, driving instructors can advertise special deals there. Indeed, pupils can advertise their needs too in the hope that a driving instructor can help out.

Finally, enjoy your stay at Driving Tester and call back often.

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