Manoeuvres And Emergency Stop

Manoeuvres - from parallel parking to bay parking - we teach all the moves necessary on your practical driving test

The manoeuvres you are also likely to get on your driving test

Manoeuvres For The Practical Driving Test

During your practical driving test you will need to perform at least one manoeuvre. This could be either parallel parking, a turn in the road, bay parking or reverse to the left. Hence, we have tutorials on all the manoeuvres you may get on the day. However, you will not know which one you will have to perform until you are on test. So, you need to know how to do each one. Obviously, this will help you in your day-to-day driving after you pass the test.

There is also a possibility that you need to perform an emergency stop on your driving test. So we have listed that below together with a detailed tutorial. Also, while you are here for the reverse routines, we have a tutorial on straight line reversing.

Manoeuvres - how to perform a turn in the road or a three point turn

Turn In The Road
Here we have a detailed lesson plan for a turn in the road, formerly known as a three point turn. In effect, you learn how to turn the car around using forward and reverse gears.

Manoeuvres - how to perform bay parking for the practical driving test
Bay Parking
You may also get Bay Parking on your practical driving test. In this case, we show you how to perform it. In brief, learn how to park up in a bay both forward and reversing in safely.
Manoeuvres - reversing around a corner on the left - we show you how to do it
Reverse Around A Corner
In case the driving examiner wants you to reverse into a side road on the left, we show you how. So, here’s a full tutorial to show you how to use observations to good effect whilst performing the manoeuvre.
Manoeuvres made easy - parallel parking tutorial
Parallel Parking
You may indeed have to perform parallel parking on your test. Therefore, here we show how to carry it out. In fact, clutch control and effective observations make this manoeuvre a lot easier.
Manoeuvres on the practical driving test - the emergency stop
Emergency Stop
In short, should you drive according to the road conditions you may never need to stop in an emergency. However, you need to know how to stop the car briskly whilst keeping full control.
Manoeuvres - straignt line reversing
Straight Line Reversing
In effect, reversing in a straight line will help you with all the manoeuvres. So, we have a tutorial that will offers some extra driving test tips to help you. Obviously, you will learn how to reverse in a straight line under full control.


Due to their complexity, the manoeuvres are usually a bit baffling to the learner driver in the early stages. However, with plenty of practice, they become a lot easier. Using the driving tutorials we provide, together with a good driving instructor, the manoeuvres become second nature. Obviously, if you have any more questions about the manoeuvres on test, post those here. You can also post any questions in the Driving Test Forum.

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