Road Signs And Traffic Lights

The UK has many different road signs and traffic lights. Pass your driving test by learning them

Road signs & traffic lights also help to keep us safe

Free Traffic Sign Book

To begin with, we all understand the need for road signs and traffic lights. Obviously, they help to inform us and keep things orderly.
Indeed, you may click the link to get hold of a free copy of ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’.

Road Signs & Traffic Lights Videos

While some people prefer a book, some people prefer some other stimulating ways to gather information. Hence, we can offer you some videos to help you. With this in mind, we have videos for both road signs and traffic lights. These will help stimulate the brain even further.

UK Road Signs Video

UK Warning Signs

Highway Code – UK Traffic Lights Video

All UK Road Signs In 3 Minutes
For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Part Of The Theory Test

Once you have viewed these videos, it becomes clear that the UK has many varied traffic signs and lights. In short, these help control the road system we rely on daily. First of all, the learner driver needs to start learning them as soon as possible. After all, the theory test may include them. But it’s not just that, it’s because they help to keep us safe when we are out on the roads. So, it makes sense to learn them, and keep brushing up on them, even after we get a driving licence.

By and large, the road system, would be chaotic and very dangerous without road signs and traffic lights. Therefore, please start learning these as soon as you start taking up driving. Once you start learning them, you soon realise how important they are. In short, that will help you to pass the driving test quicker. For example, they will alert you to hazards while on test. You also need to know the sequence of traffic lights. But they are straightforward.

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